Historic Fencing

Fitness Training:

The 7 Minute Workout
A timer app for the 7 minute workout
Couch to 5k

Practice and Drill:

How to train and drill for HMA
Introducing drills into your practice

Italian Rapier:
Introduction to Italian Rapier
Basic Stick Drills
Core Drill Progression for Italian Rapier
Cavazione Illustration

Introduction to Fiore's Dagger

Fencing Theory:

Heuristics for Martial Movement
Table of Calculations of the Defensive Cone


How to get better at melee
How to train and build a melee unit
Interesting Viking-themed Scenarios from MATO 2014

Outside Resources:

Maestro Dante Di Pietro's Work on Capo Ferro: A series of introductory articles on Italian rapier fencing, specifically focused on Capo Ferro. Dante's book can be found here.

The Weekly Warfare: A blog focused on rapier melees, training, etc where I am a contributor.

Freelance Academy Press: A publisher that releases books specifically focused on historic martial arts. I am a big fan of both Guy Windsor and Tom Leoni's books on Italian swordsmanship.

Guy Windsor's YouTube Channel

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