Friday, October 1, 2010

A few youtube videos for your viewing pleasure

Last night at practice I promised Master Eldred a few youtube videos, particularly this one with a lesson on fencing with a buckler.

Part 1:
Part 2:

A lesson on gaining the blade & mechanical advantage:

Italian lunge:

These are fairly basic lessons that I think are pretty good. There are a few videos of Tom Leoni I found while getting these links that I'll have to check out and write about in the future.

A project list

Well, it seems I've finally gotten past the post-Pennsic not working on projects phase.

My current project is my first landsknecht outfit. I've started on the shirt, and we'll see how the pleated collar goes. Its proven a bit more complicated than my previous shirts and I'm trying to decide whether to finish it with a neck band or a cable stitch. I suppose I'll get lots of practice with these because I've promised to help Jlona make her shirts/chemises and the Hungarian shirts seem to work the same way.

It will hopefully end up something like this:

My goal is to have my landsknecht kit ready for Ymir, as it will be one of the few events I might need/want to wear a bunch of felted wool. I'm partial to some of the outfits in this series of illustrations:

If I get particularly ambitious, I might start working on an arming doublet as well this weekend. The inside of my arms got a little chewed up by the strap at heavy practice the other day.